Templar Dictionnary Issue
(Templar Books (www.templarhistory.com), 2005)

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Templar Dictionnary Issue
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About The Cover

This issue's cover depicts a Knight Templar standing guard. It was created digitally by artist, Fredrik Alfredsson. This original work of Templar art took over six months to create and refine. It is available for purchase from our web site and interested readers will find details on how to acquire a copy on the back cover of this issue.

About This Issue

Issue no. 11 of Templar History Magazine brings to print our long awaited Templar Dictionary Issue. Combining the knowledge and prose of nine authors and Templar historians from around the world, we have assembled an overview of the history, mystery, myth and legacy of the Knights Templar, which we are certain readers will refer to many times.


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