The possessions of the Religious & Military Orders
in Europ and Middle East

Contributor : © Andrew Zolnai

User's guide for the map :
You can use it exactly as the same you use Google Earth® or Google Maps®.
Put your mouse everywhere on the map, then dubble-click and the map will auto-zoom at the place yo have selected.
To scroll the map, just make a right-click onto it and move your mouse keeping the right button pushed.
When you'll click on a symbol (colored cross or blue crossed swords) a little inf-window will appear with a link to the page presenting the place you've just selected.
The buttons located on the top right of the map allow you to see it with several maners : map view, sattelit view, dual mode (map+sattelit) or relief mode. Personnaly, I prefer this last one.
At the bottom of the map, there is a search zone. You may write there the name of countries, french department, provinces, citys, villages,... and the map will automatically recenter itself on this place, if it exists.
Don't forget to have a look onto the legend beyond the map. Red crosses show you templar places, black crosses for teutonic places, grey crosses for Order of St-John places one's, green crosses for Saint Lazare places and the blue crossed swords for important battle places.
Only for visual purpose, the mad had been centered on Europ. Don't forget to have a look in the Middle East to discover fortresses which were there.
I hope you will enjoy the use of this small tool achieved through the dedication of Andrew Zolnai for the Project Beaucéant.

Small tips :
- For optimal use, it would be good if the screen resolution of your computer have a width of at least 1280 pixels. If you have a lower resolution, the card may overlap the menu on the left and / or right banner.
- The points mentioned on this map do not include all preceptories had existed, but only those that are presented on the site. If you have information about a preceptory which is not mentioned here, please contact me and it is with joy that I put new information online to complete the list.

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