The preceptory of Acquebouille

Translation : Andrew Zolnai
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France, Loiret department

France, Loiret department (45), around 37 km north of Orleans

The first comments on the existence of a Templar house in Acquebouille were mentionned in documents by Manassès de Garlande, Bishop of Orleans(1), dated from 1171.

These documents mention that Geoffroy Foucher, Master of the Order in France, granted lord Carduc(2), royal cleric and archdeacon of Sainte-Croix, the right to enjoy all along his life the Templar house of Acquebouille and all its lands in return for an income of 30 parisis sols payable to the Order.

These documents mention also that the Order will recover the entire estate upon death of said lord and could benefit all improvements made.

Notes :

(1)He was bishop of Orleans from 1146 to 1185.

(2)We have very little informations about this Lord Carduc. We know that he was appointed as chancellor of the Kingdom of France by Louis VII in the firt years of his reign. The king wants also appoint him as Bishop of Bourges against a decision of the pope Innocent II. This case will end with the "affair of Bourges", and a war between France and Champagne.

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