Alphonse of Portugal (????-1207(1))

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Alphonse of Portugal
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Master of the Order (of the Knights of St John) from 1192 to 1204.

He purportedly came from the royal Portuguese family.
His zeal to reform the indulgence the administration of the Order, the lives and the customs of the knights slipped into, and the harshness he used to reach his goal, attracted his opponents and ennemies to such an extent that he was forced to resign in 1204.

He retired to homeland, where he purporteldy died a long time after, during civil wars occuring there.(2).

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Notes :

(1)Someones say that he died in 1245.

(2)These wars are the consequence of conflicts between the king Alphonse II and the Papacy about the prerogatives of the Church in his kingdom. His son, King Sanche II, even though he have signed a treaty with the Holy See, do not apply it. He is excomunicated by the Pope Innocent IV, who demands his replacement by his brother Alphonse, who will be crowned in 1247 under the name of Alphonse III of Portugal.

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