André de Montbard (1103 ? - 1156)

Master of the Temple from 1154 to 1156.

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Seal of André de Montbard
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He is born around 1103 in the Montbard Castle, in Burgundy. He was the son of Bernard 1st of Montbard(1) and of Humberge de Tonnerre d'Angoulême(2).

Recent analyzes(3) indicate that he was definitely already in the Holy Land before 1120, because at that time, he is put in charge with a certain Gundemarus(4) of bringing a letter from the king of Jerusalem, Baudouin II to Bernard de Clairvaux.

From 1148, he is mentioned in letters and charters as Dapifer (or Seneschal) of the Order of the Temple.

He becomes Master of theOrder of the Temple after the death of Bernard de Tremelay during the siege of Ascalon in 1153.

He apparently accepted his nomination with the sole intention of blocking the election of Guillaume de Chanaleilles(5) who was a favorite of Louis VII, King of France.

André de Montbard is an old Knight, tired after spending around 25 years in the ranks of the Militia of the Temple of Jesus-Christ.
As Master, he wasn't particularly active and in 1156, he forsook his station and retired to the Claivaux Abbey, just as Evrard des Barres had done before him. André de Montbard died some months later, in October 1156.

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Notes :

(1)Bernard 1st of Montbard is the first Earl of Montbard. We do not know his origins, but it is assumed that he was born around 1040. He married Humberge de Tonnerre d'Angouleme before 1070, because his eldest son was born that year. They will have at least two sons and a daughter. The eldest, Raynard of Montbard born around 1070 and will inherit the county at the death of his father in 1103, then Aleth Montbard who will gave birth to the future Saint Bernard and finally André de Montbard.

(2)The french website "Généanet" mentions Humberge de Tonnerre d'Angouleme as wife of Bernard 1st of Montbard, while other websites, including Wikipedia, mention Humberge of Roucy. But it seems the latter had been the wife of Bernard II of Montbard, grandson of the former.
In his encyclopedic book "The Central Convent of Hospitallers and Templars", Jochen Burgtorf simply states that the first name of the mother of André of Montbard is Humberge and she come from Franche Comté (???).

(3)See "Le marquis d’Albon (1866–1912) et son Cartulaire général de l’ordre du Temple" published in Hereditas Monasteriorum vol. 1, 2012, s. 107–128 (page 116) by Damien Carraz and Marie-Anna Chevalier, and P.-V. Claverie "Les débuts de l’ordre du Temple en Orient", "Le Moyen Âge", 111, 2005, p. 553.

(4)P.-V. Claverie and Jochen Burgtorf identify this "Gundemarus" as Geoffroy (Godefroid) of Saint-Omer.

(5)This was Guillaume(William) II de Chanaleilles, son of Guillaume(William) 1st de Chanaleilles, one of the heroes of the First Crusade alongside Raymond IV de Toulouse. We do not know exactly the date he enters the Order, but a document dated to from 1153 mentions that he is brother of the Order at this time.

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