The preceptory of Angles

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The preceptory of Angles
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France, Charente Department

France, department of Charente, 7 km south of Cognac, village of Salles-d'Angles.

Two texts attest to the templar origin of the preceptory of Angles. The first text is a deed settled in 1214 between the Preceptor of Chateaubernard and Angles on one hand, and a priest called Andre on the other, about mills located near the templar house of Angles.
The second text, dated 1295, is a deed about the sale of a mill to the Templar Hugues de Narzac, preceptor of Chateaubernard and Angles. Apart from the fact that it states that the house of Angles is Templar, it also tells us that Angles was always linked to Chateaubernard, no doubt because its income was too low to maintain by itself a preceptor.

Unique remains left as in many other places, the chapel rises in the middle of a small market which was formerly the cemetery. It looks like a plain, even severe building. The portal is semicircular without any moulding and the high and narrow window surmounting it is partly sealed.
The triple windows of the apse are cut by the roof of the sacristy, ugly annex which was added probably around the end of the 18th century. Two openings pierced in the south wall complete the other apertures of the building.
Some wall paintings, probably from the Middle-Ages are visible on the south and west walls of the building.

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