The preceptory of Assier

Translation : Andrew Zolnai
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France, Département du Lot

France, Lot department, around 20 km north-west of Figeac.

Around 1280, Barasc, lord of Montbrun, (1), made a donation of a part ot the estates he owned in the parish of Assier to the Hospitaller Order. The majority of the properties are located in the hamlet of Mons, around 1.5 km north-west from the center of the village of Assier.

To its peak, the property in constituted by a fortified house, a church, a hospital, a leprosery and the hamlets of Valian and Mons.

In 1501, the preceptory was rattached to the preceptory of Le Bastit.

In 1524, Galiot de Genouillac(2), Artillery master of King of France Louis XII and François 1st, exchanged with the Knights of Malta their property of Assier, except the two hamlets of Vialan and Mons, against his estate of Pris and the church of Froissac.

The first preceptor of Assier were :
- Pierre de Canis (1280)
- Jean de Cazalis (1291)
- Rostain de Montal (1299)
- Hélie de Lavalette (1322)
- Hélie Calston ou Calvet (1336)
- Jourdain de Chaldayrac (1342)
- ...

Notes :

(1)This Barasc, lord of Montbrun is doubtless Deodat (of) Barasc of Beruer. About this family, see this link(french) : sources mention that that initial donation was made by the family of Themines or Castelnau de Themines. This family, linked to the one of Cardaillac, had often been in conflict with the one of Barasc and many marriages were celebrated between these two, so that the archives can be rather vague about all of this..


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