The preceptory of Baudelu

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France, département de Seine-et-Marne

France, department of Seine-et-Marne (77), around 10 km west of Fontainebleau, commune of Arbonne-la-Forêt.

Baudelu sur la carte de Cassini - David Rumsey
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No document has reached us about the origin of this house, nor about the occupation of the place by the Knights Templar, the domain having been destroyed and burnt down in 1385, during the fighting of the Hundred Years War.

The estate was located on the edge of the parish of Arbonne, at the place called Baudelu, on the left bank of the small river that crosses the parish. The estate consisted of 100 arpents of arable land, 60 arpents of forest and 200 arpents(1) of heath. The house of Baudelu also possessed a mill on the river Ecolle, in the parish of Courances, around 5 km from Baudelu. This mill will be destroyed at the end of the 15th century.

At the beginning of the 17th century, Baudelu's estate was in such a bad state, practically in ruins and uninhabited, that the commander of the Saussay yielded it to the knight Henri Clausse(2), making him responsible for the divine office celebrated in the chapel and for paying an annual annuity to the Order.

Notes :

(1)One arpent was more or less 50 ares depending on the region.

(2)Henri Clausse, knight, lord of Fleury-en-Bière, ordinary gentleman of the chamber of the King, Grand Master of the Forestry Commission of France. He was the godson of the King of France Henry II. He was the son of Cosme Clausse, lord of Marchaumont and Marie Burgensis. He married in 1568 with Denise de Neufville-Villeroy.

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