The preceptory of Beloire

Translation : Andrew Zolnai
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France, Charente-Maritime Department

France, Charente-Maritime department, around 10 km south-east of Royan, commune of Meschers-sur-Gironde.

The archives of Vienne department mention that Templars owned in Beloire a house, which was a dependency of the preceptory of Les Epeaux.
A local lord, Hugh of Tonnay(1), criticized the Templars of Beloire for accommodating in their estate men and clerics, who came under the autorithy of his own estates. In 1232, a final agreement completed between the two parties, committed the Templars commiting to no longer accomodate people any wihout the agreement of the Lord, and people already settled on templar estates may stay.

The house of Beloire must probably looks like a group of agricultural buildings. The pontifical inquiry of 1373 about the Hospitallers estates stipulated that there was no chapel in Beloire and in the 17th century, some minutes relatives to Prior visits mention that the is no more buildings in Beloire, only allowances and farm taxes.

Notes :

(1)Hugues de Tonnay, lord of Didonne, of Tonnay-Charente and Royan, eldest son of Hélie IV of Didonne

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