The preceptory of Bertaignemont

Contribution : Frédérique Roustant
Translation : Andrew Zolnai
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France, département de l'aisne

France, Department of Aisne, around 30 km east of Saint-Quentin, commune of Landifay-et-Bertaignemont.

The date of the creation of this preceptory is not exactly known, but archives mention that the Bishop of Laon, Bartholomew de Jur(1), confirms the donation made by Amaury de Bernot of the village of Bertaignemont to the Order of the Temple, with the agreement of his lords, Clarembaud de Faty(2) and his brothers, as well as Bouchart de Guise(3).
This donation was made by Amaury de Bernot at the time he entered the Order.

These same archives also mention the donation made to the Order of the small tithe of Bertaignemont made by Clarembaud de Faty and his wife.

In 1189, it is Peter, abbot of Bohéries(4), who left to the Order the perception of the tithes on the lands of the abbey in Bertaignemont.

On the basis of this information, we can therefore think that the preceptory was founded around 1140-1150.

Notes :

(1)Bartholomew of Jur (sometimes called of Vir, Granson or Joux) was born about 1080 and died in 1158. He was the son of Conon, Lord of Grandson, La Sarraz, Jura and Lausanne. He was bishop of Laon from 1113 to 1151, when he resigned to retire as a simple monk in the Cistercian monastery of Foigny in Thiérache.

(2)In the archives, we find Clarembaut, lord of Faty or Fasty from 1142 to 1166.

(3)Il s'agit de Bouchard II, fils de Guy de Guise et d'Adeline de Montmorency, seigneur de Guise de 1141 à 1159.

(4)Located in the territory of the present commune of Vadencourt. It was founded in 1143 by monks from the abbey of Foigny in Thiérache.

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