Bertrand de Comps (????-1241)

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Source Abbé de Vertot - Histoire des Chevaliers Hospitaliers de S. Jean de Jerusalem
Bertrand de Comps
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Master of the Order from 1236 to 1241.

Bertrand de Comps came from an illustrious family in the Dauphiné that was probably the same as that of Arnould de Comps. When elected as Master of this Order, he held the function of Prior of Saint-Gilles since 20 September 1230.

Upon his nomination to that function, he sent in 1237 a summons to the Knights in England to come and replace theirs Brothers who died in the service of The Holy Land. In the archives can be traced the correspondence of this Master with the regional dignitaries of his Order, which informs us of the poor situation in The Holy Land.

According to some historians, Bertrand de Comps died in 1241. , according to others he died in 1239.

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