The preceptory of Boore (Bore)

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France, département du Nord

France, department of Nord, around 5 km east of Hazebrouck, municipality of Borre.

The Templar house of Borre was a dependency of the preceptory of Caestre.

This estate had been given to the Order of the Temple in 1244 by Arnould de Landas(1), lord of Esnes, with the approval of Countess Jeanne of Flanders(2) and some of her barons, including Robert de Bethune(3), Arnould de Cysoing(4), Arnould de Mortagne(5) and Philippe de Boulers(6).

The estate was located in the forest of Nieppe, on both sides of the river. This estate also formed a fiefdom in its own right and thus received income from various taxes and seigniorial rents.

During the 17th century, the buildings were destroyed and never rebuilt. The entire estate will then be put together with the estate of the preceptory of Caestre.

Notes :

(1)Arnould d'Esnes de Landas, Lord of Eine (Oudenaarde), Peer of Flanders, Peer of Cambrésis. He was born around 1155 and died in 1244. He was the son of Gérard d'Esnes de Landas and Walburge Constant de Rebecques.

(2)Jeanne called "of Flanders", "of Hainault" or "of Constantinople". She was the daughter of Baldwin of Flanders and Hainault, Emperor of Constantinople and of Mary of Champagne. She was born at the end of the 12th century and died on December 5th 1244. When her parents died (1204 for her mother on a journey to Constantinople and 1205 for her father during the battle of Adrianople), she inherited the two counties, which she governs first under the tutelage of its uncle Philip I of Namur and then under that of king of France, Philip II "Auguste". In 1212 she was married to Ferdinand, infant of Portugal.

(3)Robert VII of Bethune, Baron of Bethune, Advocatus of Arras. He was the son of William II of Bethune and Mahaut of Dendermonde. He was born around 1201 and died in 1248. In 1225, he married Isabelle de Morialmes.

(4)Arnould of Cysoing, lord of Cysoing and Peteghem. He was the son of John III of Cysoing and Mabille of Guines. He was born around 1210 and died on an unspecified date, but after 1255, date of the birth of his last child. In 1230, he married Mathilde de Lille, and on the death of the latter, he remarried with Marie d'Antoing (probably around 1250).

(5)Arnould de Mortagne, lord of Tournai. He was the son of Everard Radoul, Lord of Mortagne and Mahaut of Enghien (She is sometimes called Ide or Isabelle of Enghien). He was born around 1210-1214 and died after 1261.

(6)It is undoubtedly Philips de Harnes, lord of Boulers (Boelaere). He was born around 1195 and died after 1250. He was the son of Philippe de Harnes and Alice de Boulers (Boelaere).

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