Templar hospital of Bou

Translation : Andrew Zolnai
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France, département du Loiret

France, Loiret department (45), around 15km east from Orléans

The Templar hospital of Bou depended of the preceptory Saint-Marc d'Orléans.
It would seem that the foundation of that hospital dates back from the same period thaht the creation of its "mother preceptory", that is to say around the mid 12th century.

Some documents belonging to Manassès de Garlande(1), Bishop of Orléans, and dated back to 1154, mentionned that a certain Archembaud Gobib and his brother gave the Templars a house in Bou to be used as refuge for the poor disabled they had to help.

It would seem that that buildind disapeared during the 13th century, because at this date, nothing is mentionned about it in documents.

Notes :

(1)He was bishop of Orleans from 1146 to 1185.

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