The preceptory of Bucy-le-Roy

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France, département du Loiret

France, Department of Loiret (45), around 20 km north of Orléans

The house of the Temple of Bucy is located in the parish of Artenay and is sometimes cited as the house of Artenay.
This house was part of the preceptory of Saint-Marc of Orleans.

It was probably founded at the beginning of the 13th century, because letters dated back to January 1235 from the archdeacon of Orleans, indicate that the knight Guillaume de Bernode, his wife and his mother, relinquished(1) the fief they owned in Bucy. This fief was part of a hundred acres(2) bequeathed previously to the House of the Temple of Orleans by the late Roger of Herblay. In February of the same year, the knight Guillaume Moinehart granted the same kind of relinquishment for the same estate, as well as four arpents of wood located in Hérici, part of his fief of Moinehart.

Bucy le Roy sur la carte de Cassini
Bucy-le-Roy on the Cassini's Map
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After the transfer of the properties of the Order of the Temple to the Order of the Hospital in 1312, the estate of Bucy undoubtedly suffered great damage, because Pierre du Poule(3), Preceptor of Saint-Marc of Orleans, granted a lease of 50 years to the squire Philippe des Chastellier for: "a place where there was a hostel, called the Temple of Bucy-Leroy, with all the lands belonging to it, situated in the parish of Arthenay , in Beauce ", for an annual fee of two almuds(4) of grain, and with the burden of rebuilding the house as it was before the wars.

This house in Bucy was burnt and destroyed several times. So much so that in the 17th century the Order of the Hospital (of Malta at that time) decided not to rebuild it. The lands will be united to the domain of the preceptory of Orleans.

The house of Bucy had an outbuilding in the hamlet of Chaumont, in the neighbouring parish of Trinay.
The most ancient title that makes mention of it, is an act dated back to February 12th,1460, by which Jean of Alzy, preceptor of Saint-Marc of Orleans, grants an emphyteusis lease to one named Jean Carré and his son, "A ruined and fallow farmstead, called Chaumont, located in the parish of Trinay, with fourteen almuds of arable land in three parts, at the crossroads of the road to Maisières and the road to Genneville, averaging a rent of 48 ‘sols parisis’, but with a commitment to rebuild within twelve years the house and farm buildings".
The farm having been burned towards the middle of the 17th century, the land will be joined to the domain of the preceptory of Orleans.

Notes :

(1)Permanently relinquish the rights and obligations attached to a property by allowing it to become the property of ‘mainmorte’ people in return for compensation or without charge.

(2)One arpent was more or less 50 ares depending on the region.

(3)Pierre du Poule is mentioned as preceptor of Saint Marc of Orléans in charters dated from the years 1395-1400.

(4)The almud is an old measure of volume, variable value according to the times, regions, and the nature of the measured goods. For dry materials (oat, salt, ...), an almud worth between 1.8 and 4 m3. For liquids (wine, ...), it was between 130 and 700 litres depending on the period or the region.

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