The bastide(1) of Camps-sur-l'Agly

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La Bastide
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France, département de l'Aude

France, department of Aude, around 30 km east of Couiza, 43 km south-east of Limoux, commune of Camps-sur-l'Agly

The hamlet of the Bastide de Camps sur l'Agly is located in the middle of a rocky cirque at the foot of the Pech of Bugarach.

According to the known records, the first mention of Camps-sur-l'Agly was in a deed of sale dating back to 1268. Pierre de Cucugnan, lord of Camps, and Arnaud de Soulatge sold to Raymond de Bac, commander of the Mas-Deu, the pasture which was in the territory of the castrum of camps.

It seems that the Templars were looking for summer pasture for some of the herds they had in the area.

The act also mentions that this pasture was ceded with sheepfolds, watering troughs and the right to take wood for a sum of 100 sous tournois. Apart from these cattle buildings, there is no mention of a house there, which suggests that the creation of the bastide itself was at a later date.

The second act concerning the Bastide was dated 1322 and mentioned the sale of the Bastide, mentioned as such, to the lords of Camps.

According to these two texts, one can draw the conclusion that the bastide was built between 1268 and 1322, by the Templars or the Hospitallers.

The bastide consisted of a set of 4 parallel streets and two streets pependicular at their end, delimiting 4 rectangular sets of buildings. The bastide occupied an area of about 20 ares (+/- 50m by 40m).
At the end of one of these blocks of buildings, a ruined building still bears the name of "chapel". On one of the walls, one can still see the traces of a vaulted door and its jambs.

Notes :

(1)Une bastide est un type de "ville nouvelle", surtout créées dans le sud-ouest de la France au Moyen-Age, dans le but de constituer de nouveaux foyers de population. Ces villes étaient fondées sur initiative royale, ecclésiastique ou même seigneuriale, ou même parfois conjointement. De nombreux privilèges fiscaux étaient souvent octroyés aux personnes qui acceptaient de peupler ces nouveaux établissements.


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