The preceptory of Celles

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La commanderie de Celles
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France, département du Cantal

France, department of Cantal, around 15 km north-west of Saint-Flour and 6 km east of Murat.

Little is known about the exact origin of the preceptory of Celles. It would seem that it was founded in the first half of the 13th century, but the first written record that had come down to us dated from 1293 and came from the accounts of Jean de Trie, Bailiff of Auvergne, listing the houses of the Temple having acquired property in the year.

The whole building has the form of a quadrilateral rather austere and robust. Although private property, much of the buildings are still visible. The Templar chapel serves as a church for the small village of Celles. By observing the exterior walls in the vegetation, one can still notice the presence of solid buttresses intended to consolidate the imposing buildings.

The house of the preceptor is currently used as a private house and can not be visited. Next to this house, one can also see the remains of a circular tower.

Various documents, including the minutes of the trial, have left us the names of several knights and sergeants who were in Celles:

  1. Pierre de Lespinasse : preceptor in 1241
  2. Durand Charniers : commandeur à plusieurs reprises entre 1292 et 1304
  3. Durand Charniers (neveu du précédent) : sergent entre 1297 et 1306
  4. Pierre de Madic : commandeur entre 1297 et 1300
  5. Pierre de Moncel : sergent entre 1300 et 1304
  6. Gui Dauphin : commandeur entre 1304 et 1307
  7. Guillaume Aynard : sergent en 1306


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