The Templar House of Cogolin

Translation : Andrew Zolnai

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France, département du Var

France, Department of the Var, around 10 km west of St-Tropez, municipality of Cogolin.

Several different sources report the creation of a Templar house in Cogolin. The first one is an act from the Order of Malta's archives, which mention a donation made in December 1204 of the co-lordship of Cogolin to William Catel, Master of the Order for the Province of Provence, by the Count of Provence, Alphonse II(1).
Another source mentions also that donation, but made by the Count of Provence Raimon Beranger IV(2), son of the former.
One might say then that this initial donation took place somewhere between 1204, its first mention, and 1245, date of death of Raimon Beranger IV.

In the absence of both these documents, one may also consider that Raimon Beranger IV had just confirmed the initial donation made by his father, as it occurs very often in the case of donation made to the Templar Order.

That house will rapidly be folded into the one of Peirasson. The Preceptors of that house of Peirasson-Cogolin will take up residence in Cogolin instead of in Peirasson.

Notes :
(1)Alphonse II was born around 1180 and died in February 1209. He was Count of Provence from 1196 to 1209. He was the son of Alphonse II, king of Aragon, who was also Count of Provence with the name of Alphonse 1st.
(2)Raimon Beranger IV was born around 1198 and died on August 19th 1245 in Aix. He was Count of Provence from 1209 to 1245.

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