The preceptory of Cras

Translation : Andrew Zolnai

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France, Lot Department

France, Lot Department, around 20 km north of Cahors.

The preceptory of Cras originated from a gift made by William de Cras, bishop of Cahors, in 1202. This preceptory was located on the ancient road from Le Bastit to Cahors.

As proof of the good links between the Templars and the Diocese of Cahors, in 1255 Bishop Barthélémy de Roux donated to Brother Raimbaud de Caron, Master of the Templar Order in Provence, the entire parish of Cras with all the attendant dues and income which are attached to.

Independent upon creation, the preceptory was rattached to Le Bastit in 1276.

The preceptory of Cras consisted of a manor with a tower, the chapel of St Jean, several farms, mills, woods, and several other properties in surrounding villages and hamlets.

Among the preceptors of Cras, three are known :

  1. Raimon de Boisson (ou Bouzou)
  2. Arnauld de Calmon d'Olt
  3. Raimon de Robert
In 1306, a document mentionned the name of Raimon de Rassiols de Seniergues as administrator of Cras, at this time dependent of Le Bastit.

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