Guillaume de Sonnac (11??-1250)

Translation : David Cobbold

Master of the Order from 1247 to 1250 Guillaume de Sonnac came from a great family in the French Region of Rouergue. He was elected Master of the Order in 1247 when serving as Master of Pouilles and Poitou, a position he held since 1236.
Wise and careful, excellent in politics and in art of war, Guillaume de Sonnac reorganised the hierarchy of the Order. He also codified the archives of the Order before storing them in a safe place.

In 1249, de Sonnac participated in the siege of the city of Damiette while accompanying King Louis IX of France on the seventh crusade.
On February 8th 1250, Guillaume de Sonnac and his Knights fought as the rearguard for the Frankish army during the battle of La Mansourah. The recklessness of the Count of Artois, brother of King Louis IX, resulted in the destruction of a great part of this rearguard.
More than 280 Templar Knights lost their lives in the battle. Only five Knights, including Guillaume de Sonnac, despite deep wounds to the head, succeeded in reaching the main ranks of the army.

Guillaume de Sonnac died on April 11th 1250, during a battle along the river Bahr al-Saghir, near Damiette.

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