The Preceptory of Peirasson (Flassans)

Translation : Andrew Zolnai

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France, département du Var

France, Department of the Var, around 50 km north-east of Toulon and 50 km north-west of Saint-Tropez, municipality of Flassans-sur-Issoles

Circumstances and exact date of installation of a Templar house in Peirasson are unknown at this time.
The first mention of the existence of that house dates back to a document from 1256, which says that Bernard of Monte-Dracone(1), Preceptor of the House of Peirasson, is mentionned as witness in a case relative to the Templar house of Ruou.
Around the end of the 13th century, acts mention that the preceptor of Peirasson is also the one of the house of Cogolin.

The house of Peirasson is located on the territory of the municipality of Flassans and had also lands in the neighbouring municipality of Besse. In addition to rights relative to their possession of Cogolin, Templars owned also incomes from the hamlets of Valsenèque and Canadel, and supported also seven men in the castrum of Cannet-du-Luc(2).

The time of joining of the houses of Peirasson and Cogolin is also unknown, because we don't know exactly the period of creation of the later.

In 1308(3), at the moment of of the arrest of Templars in Provence, the house of Peirasson seemed to be joined to the one of Hyères, because these two houses had the same preceptor.

Different acts existing in archives , inform us about some names of Preceptors of Peirasson :

  1. Bernard de Monte-Dracono - 1256
  2. Bernard de Revel - 1296
  3. Ricau Pierre - 1303
  4. Raimond de Angulis - 1308 (Also Preceptor of Hyères)
Currently, the buildings of the preceptory are occupied by a vineyard.

Notes :
(1) it could be that Bertran Montragon was Brother of the Order in St-Gilles around 1250. This family of "Mondragon" had several members of both Templar and St John Orders.
(2)Cannet-du-Luc is the old name of the medieval part of the current village of Cannet-des-Maures (Vieux(Old)-Cannet).
(3) Not all Templars were arrested in October 1307. Only Templars in the lands under king of French control were. For example, in England, arrests occurred in the beginning of January 1308.

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