The Primitive Rule of the Templars

As of the creation of the Order, the establishment of a rule was necessary to officialize and legalize the arrival of the Templars, order of monk-soldiers in the middle of the medieval society in this beginning of 12th century.
The pope Honorius II and Bernard of Clairvaux wanted to found a permanent military force in the new frank kingdoms, for stage with the returns of crusaders in Europe.

In January 1128, a council meets in Troyes in Champagne and on the basis of work of Saint Bernard, it grants a primitive rule the Order. This first rule, known as “Latin Rule” was translated, adapted, reformed and supplemented with the passing of years by the publication of the “Withdrawals”.
The Rule is divided in several parts :

  1. The primitive Rule (articles 1 to 76)
  2. Hierarchical statutes (articles 77 to 197)
  3. The election of the Master of the Order (articles 198 to 223)
  4. The Penalties (articles 224 to 278)
  5. Conventual life of the brothers (articles 279 to 385)
  6. The Chapters (articles 386 à 415)
  7. The Penitences (articles 416 to 542)
  8. Detals of Penitences (articles 543 to 656)
  9. Reception in the Order (articles 657 to 686)

As I'm not able to translate all the articles because of it will take too many time, I'll present you only the articles about the Primitive Rule from Judith Upton-Ward's "The Rule of the Templars".

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