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Allemagne, land de Rhenanie-Palatinat (Rheinland-Pfalz)

Allemagne, state of Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz), around 14 km au south-east of Echternach (Lux.), around 15 km north-west of Trier,district of Trier-Saarburg, municipality of Ralingen.

The presence of Templars in Wintersdorf is the result of a charter dated from August 14th 1275 regarding litigation between the abbey of Echternach and the master of the Brothers of the Temple of the bailiwick of Lorraine about properties located near this village.("de bonis quibusdam sitis apud villam de Wyntersdorff").

One named "Robinus curatus de Rode" and one named "Wilkinus de Geigene" were asked to arbitrate this litigation.
Once proceeded to the auditions of witnesses of the parts of the trial("testibus a partibus hincinde productis et diligenter in forma juris examinatis"), however, on the day fixed for the judgement, Templars did not appear in the Cathedral of Trier("per contumaciam absente") and the properties were attributed to the Abbey of Echternach.

This chart do not give however answers to the following questions :

  1. Which kind were these properties ?
  2. Did the Templars own a barn or only lands in Wintersdorf ?
  3. Wintersdorf being located very closely to Moersdorf, seat of a house of the Templar Order, and in the surroundings of the preceptories of Roth and Trier, why did the Templars seem to loose interest into these properties ?
  4. And why did they default on the day of the judgement, while they had a preceptory a few hundred meters of the cathedral of Trier?
  5. Is it that the relations between Templars and the Trier clergy were deteriorated to such an extent that they had no illusions about the outcome of the trial ?

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    Camille Wampach
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